Anthony Laurence
Design Development Strategy

Web Design Projects

Shillington Farmer’s Market

A brand-new website for an 80 year old Shillington staple.

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Lovebug Unique

A brand-new website as well as a custom built application to streamline her consultations.

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Autism Society of Berks County

Web Design: Autism Society of Berks County

A complete re-branding effort for the ASB; including website and logo design.

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My Bridge Online

Web Design: My Bridge Online

A clean and elegant web design showcasing the clients multi-media content.

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Right Choice Coaching

Web Design: Right Choice Coaching

The client came to me with an outdated. One of the reasons that it was outdated is that when he began his business his niche was business consulting. But as his practice grew he found himself transitioning from a business consultant to a family coach and working with youth. He wanted to redesign his website […]

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Web Design:

A fun and colorful website built with a modern flair.

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Web Development Projects

Web Development: D.I.AL.O.G. Organizational Assessment Tool


D.I.AL.O.G: SAAS that can tell the health of an organization.

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Web Development:

A location-based application that shows which homes were sold by CCF near you!

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A Wordpress Plugin that leverages the awesome power of RESS!

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A developer’s framework for creating Wordpress themes and web sites using SASS and RESS!

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