I use WordPress to build the majority of the websites that I build. Usually when I build a site I use my own framework, Sassafrass, to build there theme. But sometimes the client’s needs necessitate that I use a different theme to build there site.

No sweat.

But part of my development workflow is to leverage the server when creating the user experience for different devices (phones, tablets, etc.) But these other themes don’t do that.

So I built a plugin that does (in case you’re wondering, a plugin is a bit of code that extends the core functionality of WordPress so that you can do whatever you want. Yet another reason why I love working with WordPress.)

I dubbed it RESStastic.

RESS (Responsive Design with Server-side Components) is an approach to responsive design that, simply put, uses the server to create web site’s experience and not the device/browser. If you are really interested in the nuts and bolts, you can watch my presentation on RESS here.

RESStastic implements many of the typical techniques used in RESS:

  • Implements device detection using the PHP Mobile Class
  • allows Art Direction to be used on images within a post
  • a RESS-powered slideshow
  • RESS-powered menus

This project is currently still in development. Check back soon!