Web Development: D.I.AL.O.G. Organizational Assessment Tool


D.I.AL.O.G. is a proprietary SAAS (Software As A Service) that I have build for a company that trains and provides tools for business consultants and personal coaches. What it is, is s series of questions of different aspects of a client organization (HR, customer service, etc) that employees answer anonymously.

The results are tallied and a report is automatically generated showing both negative and positive trends in the client organization. This allows the senior management of the client organization to locate any negative trends and make sure that the business is aligned with the core values.

Basically, some pretty heavy but important stuff for a business to know so that they can continue to be successful.

As this is proprietary and most of the material falls under a copyright, I can’t show anything behind the login screen, but some of the features are:

  • Industry-specific questions that are entirely customization.
  • Various permission and administrator levels.
  • Generates a customized PDF report.
  • Multi-tier employee levels.

This build replaced a prior application of the same name. I took the core features of that and expanded on it to meet the needs of not only the company I built it for but the expanding needs of their clients.

After this project was completed, the company I built this for could:

  • Completely customize a questionnaire using their in-house admin staff. A typical questionnaire set up takes about 5 minutes to complete. The prior web application required an  out-of-house technical staff to set up. The time frame was 1-2 weeks and cost over $1000 for each set up.
  • I added additional features that didn’t exist in the prior application. These graphically showed overall organization outlook as well as discrepancies in outlook between employee tiers.
  • I built the application on modern web technologies. This allowed for a more stable environment as well as a reduction in yearly server costs.

Overall, their application received a massive upgrade that is serving them and their clients well.