Designing Websites for the Modern Web.

Web Design

Twenty years ago, designing for the Web was simple. You bought a domain. You (or someone you hired) spent some time adding funny little tags around the copy from your marketing brochure, added a couple of animated GIFs (it moves!!) and zipped everything up to this server thing. It might not have been that pretty, but back then it didn’t have to be. Having anything on the Web was considered cutting edge.

Not anymore.

Today, users are used to a certain level of standard. They now see the difference between a professionally done site and one that was done by someone’s nephew. There is a balance to it, an aesthetic appeal that only comes with experience.

Thanks to the popularity of Social Media sites, users now expect a certain level of engagement. It’s no longer enough to just have some content about your company, your services and a contact form (or worse yet only a phone number and email.) If you have any hopes of converting that user into a prospect, let alone a customer, they need to be enticed though the conversion funnel.

You do have a conversion funnel, don’t you?

I build sites not just for aesthetic appeal but to solve problems. Because at their very heart, that is what businesses do. They solve their customers problems.

For your website to be truly effect, your users must know that you are the best resource to solve theirs. Be it a leaky pipe or the need for a new pair of shoes, they need to know that you have their back, have their solution, and have done this so many times that you can do it in your sleep.

That will turn your users into customers.

So let’s talk. We will discuss where you are at, what your site is doing well and where it can improve.  And if you don’t have a site at all we really need to talk.